August 8th

August 8th

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Communitty Shield

Communitty Shield


Sun, Aug 2nd 10am

Traditional Irish Fare with a Twist!

For over a year, Uber has connected riders with Tampa Bay’s amazing nightlife scene. From one of MacDinton’s famed happy hours to mimosas at The Lodge, Uber is proud to be the transportation method of choice for riders looking to have a great time and get home safe.We decided to crunch the numbers and see which bars in the Bay are the most popular destinations for Uber riders. We knew that our riders love to use Uber to travel to various staples of the Tampa Bay nightlife, but which bars do they frequent the most often? 

Well, here they are, the most popular drinking destinations in Tampa Bay, as determined by Uber rider visits:

  1. MacDinton’s – SoHo
  2. International Plaza and Bay Street*
  3. Ferg’s Live
  4. The Lodge – SoHo
  5. The Hyde Park Cafe
  6. Jackson’s Bar & Bistro
  7. The Hyde Out
  8. Yard of Ale – SoHo
  9. The Patio
  10. The Sail Pavilion
  11. Fly Bar
  12. The Drynk
  13. Green Lemon – SoHo
  14. Postcard Inn
  15. World of Beer – SoHo

MacDinton's is Tampa Bay's U.S. Official Supporters Bar and home to The American Outlaws Tampa chapter and the newly formed St. Pete chapter. We also show EPL, La Liga, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa Cup soccer and will be showing Live EURO 2016 qualifying matches. Please visit our SPORTS page for game times.

MacDinton's - "Tampa Bay's home for everything soccer"ť.

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